Sweet Serenade

This Saturday evening, BIG VOICE will be capturing the Santa Monica High School Choir performing at “Sweet Serenade” the choir’s biggest fundraising event of the year taking place at the Santa Monica Civic.  Although the choir performs mostly classical vocal music, during this event they will sing a variety of contemporary songs ranging from compositions written as early as the 1930’s through pop songs written today.

Mr. Huls selected and directed the “Sweet Serenade” ensemble pieces. He also invited his students to audition their own selections to perform during this unique event.  He set up microphones and amps in the choir room for auditions and rehearsals. The busy choir director and his heavily scheduled students carved out audition time during lunch and after school.

When Henry went to audition, he had forgotten to bring the sheet music for Miss Ina Ganelis the choir’s accompanist.  Mr. Huls explained to him that should this have been a professional audition, Henry would be sent away and asked to return with the music. To make this point clear, Mr. Huls asked Henry to return the following week fully prepared to audition.

We happen to be following Henry that day and asked him if he could sing the song for us.   He did.  This was a spontaneous request, completely unplanned, and yet in that moment, he was transformed and we were transported to another time.

We captured that moment and want to share it with you…

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Until the next time…



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