The Many Voices Inside BIG VOICE

Hello BIG VOICE Backers,

We have been capturing images and interviews for three months now.  I’ve discovered that creating one BIG VOICE out of many teenage voices is a formidable challenge and that the greatest lessons to be learned seem to be in this very challenge. It takes hard work to create the profoundly cooperative artistic expression the choir director and his students strive for.

On Decemeber 15th at 7P the Santa Monica High School Choir will be performing “Motus Perpetuus VII, Winter Concert of Perpetual Motion”.  If you are in the Southern California area I highly recommend you attend this stunning concert.  We will be capturing the series of rehearsals leading up to the concert as well as the concert itself.

The blog HER FILM interviewed me about BIG VOICE.  If you want to hear about some of the insights I’ve come to during the course of this first phase of production you might appreciate this posting.

Below are some screen grabs I pulled exclusively for you. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy winter!




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