We are pleased to share a new video clip with you and to report that we are making excellent progress with our post-production.

.Last year BIG VOICE captured over 250 hours of footage which is now organized, synced up and the logging process has begun.  Logging makes finding footage easier and more efficient as the director and editor begin what many believe is the most important part of the process – finding the magic and crafting the film.

BIG VOICE is operating on a micro-budget, so our editor must work on the film part time.  He’s crazy fast, but patience continues to play an important role in the process.  At the current pace, we estimate that BIG VOICE will be completed by March 2014.

Currently we have enough funds to get us to a fine cut, a step above a rough cut but with many elements to still put in place – sound design, visual effects, color correction, and more. To do all this we still need to raise funds to complete our film.  We continue to apply for grants and scout for an executive producer to join the team as either a significant donor or investor.  We’re still accepting much needed donations and suggestions for sponsors.

Thanks to our fiscal sponsor From The Heart Productions, donations are tax deductible.

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.As always, we are so very appreciative of your support!


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