Our successful BIG VOICE Kickstarter campaign provided funds for us to film a year in the life of Mr. Huls and the Santa Monica High School Choir. The production phase is completed, and we couldn’t be happier. We have captured one man’s passion and shown its effect on the lives of so many students.

We are now well into post production. We have organized and synced up 250+ hours of footage. This mammoth task took several months to accomplish and now our editor Robert McFalls is wending his way through the footage, uncovering the story lines that will create the compelling BIG VOICE story.

We are a few months away from completing a rough cut. Our funds will take us to that point, but no further. We still need to:

  • create a 52 minute version for television
  • hire a composer to create the score
  • hire a sound designer
  • secure music rights
  • color correct
  • create a credit and title sequence
  • master the project
  • distribute and market our film

We estimate it will take $60,000 to cover these costs.

BIG VOICE NEEDS YOU: Will you continue to support BIG VOICE by making an end of year tax-deductible donation? It’s only a click away @

We are so grateful for your support and wish you all the best for the coming New Year–2014 the year of BIG VOICE!

With sincere thanks,

Varda, Deb, Carol, Marina & Karen

PS: We now have over 1,100 Facebook Followers and our YouTube Channel has garnered 13,750 views and climbing.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela


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