We are happy to announce that BIG VOICE is reaching its final stages of post production!

We have now locked picture and have shifted our focus to creating a score, editing sound, designing graphics and correcting color.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING BIG VOICE. Your donations have kept us going these last three years, making it possible to complete the film. BIG VOICE will be finished in time for the 2015 film festival run. In fact, we have already submitted a rough cut to a number of key festivals in the United States. While we have stretched our funds to complete this rough cut, we still face an estimated $20,000 in music rights and mastering costs before we can distribute BIG VOICE.

Please consider continuing your support of BIG VOICE with a tax deductible donation: click here.

BECOME A BIG VOICE PRODUCER. We are offering an Associate Producer credit for a donation of $5,000 or more and an Executive Producer credit a donation of $10,000 or more.

CAN YOU HELP GET THE WORD OUT? We could also use your help getting the word out about our final fundraising push. 

BIG VOICE provides a rare inside view of a year in the life of a public school choral director and the ways he inspires his students to become true artists. Please help spread the word about this special film by sharing our website link with friends and family who also support art education.

WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT. All of us on the BIG VOICE producing team are thankful to you for your continued support.

Wishing you all my best,



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