BIG VOICE captures a year in the life of Mr. Huls and his most advanced choir to uncover what makes him such a remarkable teacher. We follow him as he strives to teach his students to focus, sing, and be professional, and how to achieve true musical artistry. Mr. Huls’ undeterred passion for the choral arts and music literacy fuels his desire to exceed all standards and expectations. BIG VOICE also sheds light on the value of arts and music education.

Following a series of competitive auditions, Mr. Huls compiles his dream ensemble – the most ideal combination of voices he has ever had. Paradoxically, he soon discovers that these thirty-two talented teenagers are also the most unwieldy group he has ever taught. Mr. Huls must convince his students to set aside their egos, conflicting styles, and teenage angst to achieve the exquisite sound he knows they are capable of.

BIG VOICE dissolves the stereotype that choir students are nerds and that choral music is uninteresting or irrelevant. These students are a mixed bag: some face personal and academic issues that interfere with their ability to advance, while others set their bar too low or too high, not understanding the amount of hard work necessary to achieve excellence:

Isaac, a survivor of bone disease, dreams of becoming a surgeon. Amy and her Filipino family battle homelessness. Alice struggles academically but loves theatre and performing art. Joe is determined to succeed on his own terms even though he struggles to connect with people. Eloise and Spencer are a couple who bond through choir. Finally there is Mr. Huls, a demanding teacher and mentor, who never gives up trying to create “one big voice.”

BIG VOICE is a story brimming with musical performances as it interweaves slices of life, interviews, and multi-camera coverage of masterwork performances to engage and entertain audiences everywhere.