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BIG VOICE chronicles a challenging year in the life of a determined public high school choir director as he pushes his students to achieve a high level of artistry and become “one big voice”, despite the many obstacles they face.

You can now buy BIG VOICE for educational or institutional use at The Video Project.
Yes, your school, library and/or community organization can now own a BIG VOICE DVD!  

Here are some ideas of how to make the most of BIG VOICE:

  • Screen it for the school community as a fundraiser.
  • Screen it to raise awareness of the depth and breadth of artistic and life lessons a music education provides.
  • Screen it for school spirit day.
  • Screen it for your incoming students to deepen their understanding of what it means to be in choir.
  • Screen it for your advanced students to delve into the complex challenges an advanced choir faces.
  • Screen it for those studying to be music educators and/or teachers of any discipline.
  • Screen it for leadership groups as in inquiry into what it takes to be a successful leader
  • Screen it for family night.

You can purchase your BIG VOICE DVD @

BIG VOICE is “immensely engaging and emotional… It is also about music, community, belonging, and love.” (Janet Yang, Producer)